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January 17, 2016

Ted Boscana

Our featured Speaker for the program on January 17, will be Ted Boscana. Ted joined the Colonial Williamsburg Historic Trades Carpentry program in 1994 as an interpreter. Two years later, he began a six year apprenticeship in carpentry and joinery. Upon completion of his apprenticeship, Ted’s interest became focused upon the Joiner’s trade and the great variety of work undertaken by these talented colonial “Mechanicks”. Ted has built architectural finish work that has been used in the reconstruction of buildings including the Peyton Randolph Kitchen, the Charlton Coffeehouse and most recently, the Anderson Armoury complex. As Journeyman Supervisor of the Joiner’s Shop, Ted strives to demonstrate the full range and talent of the Joiner’s trade and encourages staff to explore new furniture opportunities and skills that will complement their work. Ted has presented the Joiner’s trade widely from Boston to California and loves sharing the skills and knowledge he has gained at Colonial Williamsburg. We will explore the tools and techniques involved with the construction of a four-light window sash. The skills demonstrated will include layout of a story stick, morticing, cutting a tennon, and using hand planes to create the moldings. I will also show my technique of coping a joint with an in-cannel gouge and draw boring. I hope to cover as much as you’d like in our time together and this is a very informal presentation and questions through out the program are encouraged.



Meeting Information

The Potomac Antique Tools and Industries Association, Inc. (PATINA) is an educational, tax-exempt organization for people who have an interest in the tools, crafts or manufacturing processes of the past.

Formed in 1977, PATINA is a regional tool club based in the Washington, D.C. area. We have members from 24 states, the District of Columbia and several foreign countries. Antique tool collectors, tool users and people simply seeking knowledge are well represented in PATINA's membership. The annual dues of $12.00 includes membership for the entire family and they are welcome to participate in all PATINA events. PATINA's original group of about 30 has grown to over 250.

Our mission is to promote and increase knowledge and understanding of the tools and trades practiced by our American ancestors. This purpose is partly served by the bimonthly newsletter PATINAGRAM which includes member-contributed articles and information of interest to our members. In addition, the PATINAGRAM provides regular announcements of upcoming meetings and auctions, reports on past meetings, reviews of relevant publications, and notices of other tool-related events. As an educational organization, PATINA is often invited to stage exhibits and demonstrations for local and national groups that express an interest in early tools and trades.


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