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May 19, 2019

PATINA Meeting

The program on May 19 is an opportunity to feature a local business owner with a long career in restoration. Bill Shotwell is the owner of Restorations Unlimited in Sterling Virginia. Bill apprenticed in Naples Italy in the early 1970ís, then started his own furniture repair and restoration business. Bill has completed many projects for well-known people and agencies, but is most proud of the restoration of the Old Guard Caisson at Fort Myer. See his website at http://restorationsunlimited.com/ The planned program is a demo of a sample of techniques such as making a mold for casting reproduction parts, and another on applying patterned gold mylar films on leather. Bill will also discuss his Good, Better, Best recommendations for restoring a members Gerstner Machinist Chest. Restoration of the wood, metal, and lining will be discussed. There will be plenty of time for Q&A, so bring your questions. Bill has a passion for bookbinding tools so I encourage attendees to bring some for him to see. As always, the meeting will start around 8:30, or whenever the first tailgate opens. A mini-auction will start around 11:30, until ~12:15, depending on the number of consignments. Billís program will follow immediately after the auction. The location is American Legion Post 270 1355 Balls Hill Road - McLean, Virginia 22101




Meeting Information

The Potomac Antique Tools and Industries Association, Inc. (PATINA) is an educational, tax-exempt organization for people who have an interest in the tools, crafts or manufacturing processes of the past.

Formed in 1977, PATINA is a regional tool club based in the Washington, D.C. area. We have members from 24 states, the District of Columbia and several foreign countries. Antique tool collectors, tool users and people simply seeking knowledge are well represented in PATINA's membership. The annual dues of $12.00 includes membership for the entire family and they are welcome to participate in all PATINA events. PATINA's original group of about 30 has grown to over 250.

Our mission is to promote and increase knowledge and understanding of the tools and trades practiced by our American ancestors. This purpose is partly served by the bimonthly newsletter PATINAGRAM which includes member-contributed articles and information of interest to our members. In addition, the PATINAGRAM provides regular announcements of upcoming meetings and auctions, reports on past meetings, reviews of relevant publications, and notices of other tool-related events. As an educational organization, PATINA is often invited to stage exhibits and demonstrations for local and national groups that express an interest in early tools and trades.

Did You Know?

Before announcing the May 19 program, here is a recap of the March event. Welcome to many new members from the Mid-Atlantic region and as far as Massachusetts and Illinois! If you have not paid dues or wish to join, please send $12 to the treasurer on the website at patinatools.org, or via paypal friends at patinatools@gmail.com. PATINA received positive feedback for The Annual Dealer Sale and Auction. The good weather brought record attendance to the tailgate event. At a quarter mile long, it is the largest tool event in the Mid-Atlantic! Some indoor dealers appreciated the early spring and decided to set up outside as well. The dealer sale schedule was expanded so early birds entered an hour earlier than prior years, and sales were brisk. PATINA is thankful for the auction consignors who offered enough lots to hold the auction. The auction proceeds help defray the high cost to rent the facility and tailgate area. The auctioneer this year was Scott Bedinsky. Scott is very knowledgeable about tools and current values, and he did an outstanding job calling the auction. Thank you Scott! The total auction proceeds pale in comparison to the proceeds of the past when the volume and quality were much higher. When good items are consigned, good bids are achieved, but there are so many major tool and online auctions that the best tools are not making it to the PATINA auction in significant quantity. Perhaps a future consignor will make a major donation or consignment and jump start our auction.


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